How Broadband Internet Usurped Market Dominance From Dial-Up

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In the early days of the Internet, there were fewer choices in terms of ways to connect. Most people had to rely on a local Internet provider and a dial-up connection to connect to the Web. Since the Internet was new and expectations were low, most people accepted slow dial-ups speeds as the way things were and simply worked with those restrictions.

Companies quickly figured out how to put together broadband Internet service. They smartly emphasized the speed of the connections, which were significantly faster than dial-up. This allowed users to get online any time they (more…)

The Economic Leaders Of The Broadband Internet Industry

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The broadband Internet industry is certainly a big one, and there are a lot of people out there who are making their money because they are involved in providing this service to the millions of people who use the Internet every day at school, work and home. Although there is no shortage of Internet service providers or people who make money from providing this service, however, there are a select few leaders of the broadband Internet industry who are making the most money from this service.

Basically, (more…)

Specialized Uses For Broadband Internet That You Wouldn’t Expect

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Your broadband Internet connection at home is probably very important for the whole family. You might be trying to look something up online, do a little bit of shopping or you might just want to talk with family and friends. A bad Internet connection is definitely going to be a hindrance to you and your loved ones because it is going to take forever for you to just get to the sites you want to visit. This is why (more…)

A Technological Overview Of Broadband Internet Throughout Modern History

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People started using dial-up connections to go online in the early 1990s. The improvements in technology advances allowed high-speed Internet access to replace the old dial-up methods. Faster speeds allow users to download videos and music at remarkable speeds. Internet and computer technology improves each year. DSL services first replaced the dial-up method of going online. Broadband Internet was introduced by local cable company providers. The cost for Internet services have significantly dropped over the past decade. Notebooks, iPads and laptops make Internet usage possible almost anywhere in the country. The demand for even faster Internet (more…)

Basic Computing Tips To Amplify Your Broadband Internet Performance

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When it comes to Internet speed we will often settle for a slower speed than we should be getting, thinking there is nothing we can do to change it. Whether your connection is abnormally slow, or you are just trying to get a little more out of it, these tips should help you to maximize your Internet speed.

Get A Benchmark
Before doing anything, you need to get a precise measurement of your Internet speed for (more…)

How Broadband Internet Varies Around The World

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The fastest broadband speeds, it may be surprising to hear, are not in the United States. According to Akamai’s “State of the Internet,” South Korea has a stronghold over fastest average broadband speeds. At 14.0 Mbps on average, they are significantly higher than second place Japan, who averages 10.8 Mbps.

The United States places eighth, sandwiched between the Czech Republic and Sweden. The relatively slow 7.4 Mbps average can be chalked up to a couple of issues. There is very little government subsidy of broadband expansion in the United (more…)